Privacy Policy in Sewage Works Exhibition

The Japan Sewage Works Association (JSWA) (hereinafter the "organizer") collects and uses personal information only to the extent required to smoothly and safely operate the Sewage Works Exhibition. The following policies apply only to the Sewage Works Exhibition.
The organizer and all of its employees will comply with the Act on the Protection of Personal Information, the Act on the Use of Numbers to Identify a Specific Individual in Administrative Procedures, and other relevant laws and regulations, and endeavor to protect personal information and Specific Personal Information in accordance with the following privacy policy.

1) Collection, Use and Provision of Personal Information
  1. Definition of personal information
    The organizer defines personal information as all information that can identify a specific individual.

  2. Collection, Use, and Provision of Personal Information
    The organizer collect, use, and provide personal information as appropriate, taking into consideration the contents and scope of the operations of the Sewage Works Exhibition. Further, except under exceptional circumstances, the collected information will not be disclosed or provided to a third party without the permission of the individual to which the information pertains.

2) Proper Management of Personal Information
  • To keep the collected personal information accurate and up to date and to prevent the unauthorized access to, loss of, destruction of, tampering with, and leaking, of personal information, the organizer will assign management resources that match the operational circumstances for implementing rationally safe measures and for improving the continuity of the personal information security system. In addition, corrective measures will be taken quickly in the event a problem occurs.

3) Handling of Personal Information
  1. Purpose of Use of Personal Information
    The organizer uses personal information for the planning and execution of the Sewage Works Exhibition. If the organizer uses personal information jointly with a third party, or if the organizer wishes to outsource the handling of personal information and Specific Personal Information to a third party, it shall perform a stringent screening of the third part in advance, and shall subject the third party to oversight necessary and appropriate to ensure secure administration of such personal information.

  2. Management of Personal Information
    The organizer shall ensure personal information is accurate and shall administer these securely. The organizer shall implement safeguards necessary and appropriate for the prevention of loss, destruction, falsification, or leaking of personal information.

  3. Provision of Personal Information
    The organizer will not disclose personal information to a third party except in the case of the following.
    • When permission is received from the customer.
    • When a request for information disclosure is received from an organization with due authority, such as a court, public prosecutor’s office, police, bar association, or consumers’ center.
    • In addition to the preceding items, when there is a duty of disclosure in response to a legal order, etc.
    • When the organizers contract out operations to a contractor. In this case, said contractor shall follow the "Entrusting of Personal Information".

  4. Entrusting of Personal Information
    In the course of operations, the organizers may outsource part of the operations to improve the quality of service provided to the customers. Thus, personal information may be entrusted to the contractor. In this case, a contractor that is recognized as being able to properly handle the personal information will be selected and bound by agreement, etc., to suitably manage, maintain confidentiality, and otherwise handle the personal information to properly manage and determine appropriate measures for preventing leakage of the customers’ personal information.

  5. Personal Information Disclosure, Correction, Discontinuation of Use, or Deletion
    The organizer shall endeavor to process complaints promptly and appropriately as pertain to the handling of personal information, including disclosure, correction, discontinuation of use, or deletion. If an individual requests the disclosure, correction, discontinuation of use, or deletion of his/her personal information, the organizer shall process such request promptly and without objection, having first ascertained that such individual has the right to request such actions.

  6. Personal Information Administrator
    The organizer shall appoint a Personal Information Administrator to administer of personal information appropriately. If the organizer wishes to cause one or more of its staff to handle personal information, the Personal Information Administrator shall subject such staff to oversight necessary and appropriate to ensure secure administration of such information.