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Purpose of the Exhibition

The Sewage Works Exhibition is Japan’s largest annual exhibition on the theme of sewage systems. It is held for local governments and other entities that manage the business of sewage systems to exhibit the latest technology and equipment developed by Japanese companies and organizations involved in the wide range of fields related to sewage systems. It is also held for the general public to encourage understanding and inspire interest in sewage systems.
The water business is undergoing worldwide change, as illustrated by increased calls for the development and popularization of globally competitive technologies. Amid such changes, the Sewage Works Exhibition seeks to help create a global brand for Japanese sewage systems by working proactively to attract visitors and exhibitors from around the world.
The exhibition provides many different offerings, including exhibitor presentations, which are opportunities for companies and organizations to introduce their technologies and equipment; concurrent projects such as technical tours for showing people the equipment and machinery of wastewater facilities; and exhibitions and events for the general public.

2019 exhibitor questionnaire responses
Number of Visitors [Date・Industry]

VIP 95 2 2 21 120
Government agency, research institute, university, education-related 148 203 206 161 718
Prefectures, municipalities, public corporations, etc. 1,127 1,862 1,774 1,538 6,301
Company (Consultant) 526 869 856 660 2,911
Company (excluding consultant) 6,180 7,267 7,322 6,386 27,155
Outside Japan 249 231 120 34 634
General 860 1,050 1,116 2,174 5,200
Student 186 189 737 154 1,266
KIDS 255 914 424 554 2,147
Press 55 55 53 44 207
Total 9,681 12,642 12,610 11,726 46,659

Inquiries on the exhibition

If you have any inquiries regarding the exhibition, please contact the following.
Sewage Works Exhibition ’20 Osaka Sewage Works Exhibition Office
Office opening hours: 10:00-18:00 on weekdays (excluding weekends and public holidays)